Remote X Client

The goal of this project is to create tools that work with the XAPI interface.

Current Projects

XML:DB SOAP Service - Wraps an XAPI database with a SOAP service.
XML:DB SOAP Client - Communicates with the XML:DB SOAP service, making available an XAPI interface.
Sessionless SOAP Service - Wraps an XAPI producing a very simplified API.
Sessionless SOAP Client - Creates static classes to interact with the Sessionless SOAP Service. This should probably be used for testing only. Maybe you should be using Dynamic proxies instead of static stubs.
XAPI Generic Implementation - A generic, in memory implementation of the XAPI. Useful as a mock object for unit testing.

Future Projects

XAPI Web Wrapper - Wraps a collections of XML files which are availabe via a URL in an XAPI interface.
Alternate language implementations of the XAPI SOAP Client